With its next generation UV technologies, Ergoline is a world leader. Our in-house development department comes up with regular ground-breaking innovations, making constant improvements when it comes to comfort, efficiency and safety.

The Optimized Performance concept sets the standard for 0.3 sunbeds – producing significantly improved tanning results without any increased risk of sunburn.

New Ultra Performance Plus technology is another impressive example of Ergoline’s UV expertise, with its combination of computer-generated glass reflectors, additional 25W UV-B spaghetti lamps and filter glasses with special coating. The result is a visibly better tan than you get from standard sunbeds.

Dynamic ballasts achieve 25% more UV output and guarantee a consistently high UV performance over up to 1,000 hours.

Intelligent Performance technology targets the best possible tanning results for the body as well. Intelligent Performance takes into account the different positioning of the lamps in the tanning tunnel and adapts the output accordingly for each lamp. This produces an all-round even tan, which is up to 30% more intense.