Quality comes from an extensive range of settings and brilliantly easy operation. At Ergoline, we ensure that handling remains extremely easy, both for customers and for operators and staff.

Each Ergoline sunbed is designed to ensure that all components that require servicing are easy to reach in a few movements. Easy-care materials make cleaning easy for studio staff. For our top appliances, the Professional Set-Up Manager offers an unrivalled system for the all-encompassing and self-explanatory management of the appliance. When a service is required, you can rely on our Ergoline customer services or authorised network of sales partners.

Operating the appliance is also extremely easy for your customers! Many new features, such as the practical Control Centre, Smart Control, NFC Connect with personal comfort cards, intuitive interior operation and Voice Guide make it more convenient than ever to operate the sunbed! This means that your customers can enjoy the sun and relax.