Open Sun Pilot

Sit back and enjoy! The futuristic design and decorative light features are guaranteed to attract attention in your studio.

6 Ultra Performance Plus high-pressure units ensure an intense tan for the face and upper body, complemented by two hand tanners. 12 UV lamps in the transparent seat shell also tan the nape and back. The comfortable seating position, wide hand trays and large foot supports ensure a relaxing tanning session.

The centrally positioned body fan and the standard Aroma function (Aqua Fresh & Aroma for the Extreme Power model) make tanning with Open Sun Pilot particularly refreshing.

  • Design
    • Brilliant White
    • Mood Light
  • UV-Technology
    • 6 x 580W* + 2 x 36W
    • Hand-Tanner: 2 x 200W
    • Back-Tanner: 12 x 40W
    • Ultra Performance Plus

    * Maximum output

  • Comfort
    • Basic Cooling
    • Body Seat
    • Optional: Aqua Fresh & Aroma
    • Optional: 3D Sound inkl. Voice Guide, MP3-Connection, Auto Play & Auto Volume
  • Handling
    • Voice Guide