Balance 480

The Ergoline Balance 480 is very appealing with Hybrid Technology, Vibra Shape, generous dimensions and an extensive range of comfort features. Hybrid Technology developed by Ergoline uses an intelligent combination of sunlight and Beauty Light to reduce the side effects of tanning. This means that your customers can enjoy the sun with a clear conscience.

The patented Vibra Shape fitness training is ideal for everyone who likes to make the best use of their time. The movements are gentle on the joints, promote muscle generation and improve physical mobility and coordination. The improvement in circulation also intensifies the tanning results. For a beautiful tan in just 15 minutes, without the typical white pressure points on the shoulders and buttocks. Because the vibration training in the four fitness programmes is very simple and easy on the joints, it can also be used by older people and beginners without any difficulty. Of course the training always takes place in the privacy of an enclosed booth. It is virtually a "Personal Trainer" for everyone.

The extensive comfort fittings and generous dimensions of the Balance 480 make training particularly enjoyable.

  • Design
    • Brilliant White
    • Interior Light
    • Ambient Light
  • UV-Technology
    • 36 x 180W UV-Lamps / 12 x 180W Beauty Light
    • Hybrid Technology

  • Comfort / Fitness


    • Vibra Shape Vibrationtraining


    • Silent Cooling
    • Optional: Aqua Fresh & Aroma
    • Optional: Stereo Sound / 3D Sound inkl. Voice Guide, MP3-Connection, Auto Play & Auto Volume
  • Handling
    • Voice Guide